Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Home Is Where The Heart Is

I am a lover of anything vintage and interesting, especially 50's-70s decor. To completely transform my living room without paying thousands of dollars for items that are recreated from that time period, I look at estate sales. It's amazing what I've found and so are the prices! It's neat to have someones little piece of history added to your life. I did have to search some antique stores for certain pieces and had my eye on these fabulous turquoise pintucked pillow from Urban Outfitters, BUT 95% is all from estate/garage sales. It took a little while to build, but it was totally worth it. One woman's trash is another woman's treasure :)

Mid century modern credenza. This little baby was such a steal from a garage sale for $50! On top of that, it was in perfect condition. If any of you know how expensive MCM furniture is...I'm sure your mouth just hit the floor at that price!

Tons of fun knick-knacks. My personal favorite are the owl playing cards and the 60's salt and pepper shaker

I am a pillow freak! This middle pillow was actually gifted to me by a friend. I saw it on her couch she got from a garage sale and fell in love.

This is my prized possession (that I add to all the time). First of all..my couch is an original tufted couch from the 70's in burnt orange. I was not a fan of that color at first, but now I LOVE it. Anything I can find that is true vintage or vintage inspired I will hang on this wall. Most of the frames I repainted myself.
 SO tell me/share with me your thrift/garage sale/estate sale finds. How creative have you gotten?

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