Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bold and Simple

I was having an Essie craving yesterday and found exactly what I needed to satisfy me! I stumbled upon "Love and Acceptance" and then I saw Orly had a rose gold glitter polish and I grabbed that one too. I just think the muted purple and rose gold combination seems sweet and romantic, so I created this little color palate to bring some sweetness to summer. 
There's also nothing better than having that one dress in your closet that says it all AND it's simple. I love a little simplicity in my life. My blue and coral combination was perfect for a walk in the park, it's definitely on my top 5 favorite color combos of all time for summer!

Essie--Love and Acceptance  Orly--glitter polish

Dress: Nordstrom  Shoes: Steve Madden Nccklace: JCrew
Purse: Kate Spade Watch: Michael Kors Bracelets: Forever 21/Nordstrom


Little Marshal said...

J'adore la marque Essie !

Elegantesque said...

this manucure is stunning !
love your mk watch!




Elegantesque Blog

Taylor Sanson said...

Thank you hannah!

Sally said...

Hey there!! I just found your blog from The Vintage your styling of colour!! I adore that blue dress! I shall be following along my new friend! Feel free to stop by my space at Me+Life+Coffee when you can :) Happy Sunday, Sally xoxo

Taylor Sanson said...

Hi Sally! So glad you decided to stop by :) thanks for the kind words and keep following along! I will definitley check out your blog. Have a wonderful day!